What is Darshan ?
Darshan with Dhyan Ji is a sacred experience. Darshan means divine seeing. You look inside your own being and a new window opens in your life. The darkness of your life is for the first time is pervaded by a glimpse of light. Now you can look through this window and enjoy the garden with all its flowers.
Darshan is a blessing of love and grace. You must reserve your place by stating in the event that you will be attending. We expect these events to be very well attended.
” This session was deep, oceanic and profound, having spent a week in the Ramana Maharshi Ashram in Tamil Nadu, this was especially powerful, keep up the divine work Dhyan Ji.” – Tony S
The benefits of Darshan and Satsang (community) 
– A deeper understanding of your true nature
– Knowingness
– A sudden and profound awakening
– Deep healing
– Emotional release
– A deep sense of peace
– An awareness of unity consciousness
– Lasting bliss and joyfulness
– A release from anxiety and stress
– A profound sense of peace
– Improved relationships
– A release from Karma
* All results may vary from person to person and are not guaranteed.
Upcoming Events 
Darshan 9th of February 2019 LIVERPOOL. First sitting  11.00am until 1.00pm followed by a second sitting 2.00pm until 4.00pm. Liverpool Wellbeing Centre, 39, Rodney Street, L1 9EN. £25
Darshan 19th of February at Dhyan’s Temple of the Heart Retreat.

The etiquette for Darshan
When you come into the room put your shoes under your chair along with your bag and coat. People will be be called for Darshan row by row starting from the front row, from the right. Please keep your eyes open, before you are called.
When you are called to sit in front of Dhyan Ji please lower your head so that she can reach you easily. When she has finished touching your head please raise it and look into her eyes, she will let you know when your Darshan is finished. Please stand up immediately go back to your seat and let the person next to you know it is their turn. This will be done in Silence.
It is recommended that you stay for the full duration of the Darshan. We will sit in Deep Silence together at the end of the ceremony.
All children are welcome to Darshan, they must be accompanied by an adult.
If you need to leave before the end of the Darshan, please do so quietly.
Mobile phones must be switched off. No talking or whispering in the hall. No photos or video recording will be permitted. Each person will receive Darshan once. Please sit with your feet on the floor.

Dhyan Ji will be available to give Darshan globally in 2019

Darshan will usually be held on a Saturday at a specified venue with two sittings available, the first beginning at 11.00am UNTIL 1pm and the second sitting from 2pm UNTIL 4.30pm.

The Cafe at the Congleton venue…
There is a lovely cafe downstairs on site for you to purchase drinks and snacks. Lunch is available after the event. Please order and pay for your lunch on arrival if you wish to eat afterwards. The group often eats together after Darshan. Drinks and snacks are also available from the cafe.

These meetings with Dhyan are an oportunity for you to really meet your Self. Dhyana means meditation and Dhyan will share in Satsang about the higher Self. These meetings can assist anyone on their journey to Self realisation and awakening. In these gatherings you can truly be your Self and relax into a deep space of Peace, Presence and Love.

Who is Dhyan Ji ?
Dhyan Ji is here on this earth to serve truth and assist in the enlightenment of humanity at this time. Dhyan’s life is pure Bhakti. Her Darshan is a catalyst for change and healing in the lives of those that attend. Dhyan Ji was born in 1975 in Burslem in Stoke-on-Trent in the north of England. She currently lives in a small town called Kidsgrove in Stoke-on-Trent and it is here and wherever she travels that she offers her blessing of Darshan. This flame of grace that is offered is her gift to humanity.
Donations are a a voluntary contribution made by you to support Dhyan Ji in the work and service she is offering at this time.
Can be given here: http://paypal.me/DhyanAwakeningLove

” Beautiful  blessed spirit Dhyan thank you for sharing your light. Thank you for making our days magical with your loving essence. “ – DC

” Your vibrations are reaching everywhere without any words, keep it up,  golden diamond wonderful glittery shiny karma, beautiful path you have naturally chosen, blessed blessings. “ – KK

” So beautiful. Thank you for creating that space – an unexpected and wonderful start to my Day. “ – BM

Things that can be experienced through Satsang

Satsang is a Sanskrit word meaning meeting in the highest truth. When we choose to be together for the purpose of discovering truth the limitless space of our being-ness opens up. This is ever present, but our day-to-day concerns and life can cloud our ability to truly see the truth of who we are. Satsang is a space to experientially be here and now, to be totally present. This is our true nature; it is also an opportunity to fall in love with life, with God, with all that is. It is an opportunity to know our own freedom, to know the depths of our being and to open to the joy, love, peace and wisdom within.


” A truely healing, grounding, awakening and blissful evening. I explained I was experiencing anxiety and had been feeling unsettled. Dhyan guided me to the silence and stillness within, which I continued to feel for some time afterwards and I was reassured by Dhyan it is always there! It was a privilege to be at the Satsang, it was inspiring, nurturing and healing and I felt a beautiful sense of stillness, peace and silence, as well as magic and laughter! ” – G S

” Dhyan’s Darshan was so peaceful and full of love. It was just so easy to be in the space and in the now. My turn to sit in front of Dhyan and loving eye contact followed by Dhyan’s hand on my head. One word appeared and flowed through me filling my whole being “surrender”. Rejoining the circle was even more peaceful as I felt at one with all. Thank you. Later in the afternoon Dhyan asked me if I had let go yet. Wow we had really experienced heart felt communication with no words necessary. Love and Peace. ” – Tony J

The truth of who we are is so profound and so beautiful there are no words to express it. Being present is our natural state – it is freedom. In this space we can feel an effortless effortlessness and we are no longer attached to any outcome, we are no longer identified with the doer. There is a spontaneous unburdening of ideas, beliefs and conditioning that occurs naturally. Being present puts us directly in the flow of life and connects us to our highest wisdom.


 ” I’d heard great things about Dhyan and went to receive some healing and to learn more about it. I found Dhyan to be a lovely, welcoming person who I immediately felt comfortable with. She is absolutely guided in the healing she shares with people and it was nothing short of wonderful to spend time with her. She was able to tune into my energies perfectly and I received guidance, amazing awareness and messages from her that have been very important in my life. I would highly recommend Dhyan to anyone seeking to open spiritually ” – Faye H

” I have worked with Dhyan on several occasions and I have always felt inspired yet fascinated by the path she is on, as I deepen my knowledge, understanding and practise, it became clear I too was on the same journey, and what an incredible one that is. Only when I decided “it was time” did I find myself at Dhyan’s sacred space, like a moth being led to light and unknown to me of what was about to happen. I sat and worked with Dhyan to discover what I was there for. The deep meditative work I did with Dhyan was outstanding, I was left speechless! Through Dhyan’s guidance and teachings I found myself in a complete state of bliss, present in the moment and ready to move forward with my new knowledge and understanding. I am truly grateful for Dhyan’s great work, she is a fantastic teacher and I would highly recommend working with her.” Emily W