” I had a session with Dhyan today. It was like having my ship anchored, so often we forget to give to ourselves and in that forgetfulness we can loose our own centre. Sometimes the sea around us becomes stormy. Dhyan threw down the anchor and reminded me why I chose this vessel. It was lovely to experience that nudge back to centre.I feel so calm again. Thanks Dhyan, it was a real joy.” – AB

” Dhyan you have helped heal me in so many ways, you are a wonderful light and a free spirit.” – Lisa Ray 


” I saw Dhyan for some healing a few months ago she gave me a feeling of such positivity that has lasted and a whole new outlook on my life. Just you being you is an inspiration to me.”

– Anna Bourne 


” Dhyan has used her extensive knowledge of Reiki healing plus her own impressive intuition over the past 6 months to provide me with a personable and truly uplifting healing experience. I would recommend her without hesitation.” – Dawn McGovern

Book a One to One Reiki Healing Session  

Reiki healing helps the individual to connect to their highest wisdom and their innate inner healing power. 

Dhyan Ji is a Reiki Master and has been sharing the gift of Reiki for over 20 years now. Over these years she has worked with 100’s of people and occasionally animals. She has helped people regain confidence in themselves, take back their power and heal themselves. Reiki works on all levels of the body, mind and spirit and it can help to bring balance and harmony into all areas of your life.  

Dhyan is also a Clinically trained Complementary Therapist (FdSc) and has a Foundation degree in Clinical Sciences. If you have a medical condition, suffer with stress, depression or anxiety, Reiki can help you alleviate these symptoms.  The deep relaxation which occurs during a Reiki session helps to balance your body’s systems by creating a state of deep of meditation for your body. This relaxes your mind and uplifts your soul. Reiki can help anyone, especially those who are dealing with the side-effects of medication, it is considered very useful in the reduction of pain relief. 

 “When living a mad and crazy life as many of us do in today’s’ society, we can become anxious and stressed, more like a human doings, not a human beings! My Reiki healing sessions with Dhyan, give me the chance to re-energise on a physical level when I don’t have time for a weekend away or a holiday, enabling me to re- enter my working day feeling revitalised and renewed. The sessions help me to re-remember who I AM, allowing healing time for my mind, body and spirit, she assists me in staying grounded in the midst of the hectic lifestyle that I tend to lead.” – AMH

Book a Deep Dive Awakening One to One Skype Session 

Many people have experienced profound inner transformation and healing through these deep dive one to one session. They  are tailored to the individual, focusing on core areas such as Relationships, Work, Home and Health. Together we will look at these aspects and create a healing space for transformation, presence and an opening for change where ever it is needed. This is an opportunity to connect with your inner nature.


Book a Satsang and Darshan with Dhyan 

An insight into the individuals spiritual life path, each Satsang offers guidance and an opportunity for healing and to know the true nature of your being. Come and dive deep into your essence with a beautiful group. We will be exploring the nature of our being in Silence, Meditation, Stillness and dialogue.

Dhyan will lead you into the process of Self inquiry through stillness, silence and dialogue. Stillness is the foundation of our true nature and the space in which all else is experienced. Stillness is where the reality of our experience can be known and Satsang is an invitation into the here and now, which is not as we imagine it to be. Stillness expands our capacity to see what is and it dispels the minds chatter, enabling us to see reality with true clarity.

We will look at the fundamental questions that open up the space for inquiry. When we deeply explore these questions we find that there is an end to suffering and seeking and we are free to experience life just as it is.

Who am I? 

What is my nature?

What is here?

What is always present?

Satsang is an opportunity to come to know the Self for the very first time and recognise that knowing as home, as the truth of who we are. Self inquiry is the process of meeting ourselves in truth so as to truly know our divine nature. This may seem complicated, however it is the most natural thing in the world. It is our true state, our pure state, our original state of being.

Satsang is a space to experientially be here and now, to be totally present. This is our true nature; it is also an opportunity to fall in love with life, with God, with all that is. It is an opportunity to know our own freedom, to know the depths of our being and to open to the joy, love, peace and wisdom within.

Dhyan holds sacred space for this dialogue of consciousness. Whilst sitting we invite questions and we open up the space of deep silence within for self-enquiry. Conscious intent to be together in this way creates a resonance, a vibration and an environment where discovering our true nature is made readily available to us. Satsang creates the opportunity for deep healing, transformation and an opening to the fullness of life.

The truth of who we are is so profound and so beautiful there are no words to express it. Being present is our natural state – it is freedom. In this state we can feel an effortless effortlessness and we are no longer attached to any outcome. There is a spontaneous unburdening of ideas, beliefs and conditioning that occurs naturally. Being present puts us directly in the flow of life and connects us to our highest wisdom.


Book a private Darshan with Dhyan Ji  

Darshan and Swadhyaya are held on a Saturday at The Old Saw Mill, Community Co-Op CW12 1HJ at 10.30am until 12.00pm in Congleton, Cheshire.  These meetings with Dhyan are an oportunity for you to really meet your Self. Swadhyaya means to share readings about the higher Self. Swadhyaya can assit anyone on their journey to Self realisation and awakening. In these gatherings you can truly be your self and relax into a deep space of Peace, Presence and Love.

Things that can be experienced through Swadhyaya: 

A deeper understanding of your true nature
A sudden and profound Awakening
Emotional release
A deep sense of Peace
An awareness of Unity conciousness

Dhyan will also be giving Darshan at these meetings. Darshan is a Blessing from the divine source, a transmission of Love, Light and Grace from one heart to another. Darshan is traditionally given in Silence. Darshan is very personal, each person will recieve exactly what they need in the moment.

Things that can be experinced through Darshan are:

Deep healing
Lasting Bliss and joyfulness
A release from anxiety and stress
A profound sense of Peace
Improved relationships
Awakening to your true nature
A release from Karma


Book a Utopia Festival and Retreat Day

Dhyan’s Utopia events are born out of a dream to create a beautiful festivals and retreats filled with Love in the heart of the cheshire countryside. She gathers together some amazing and inspirational people who she believes are on the cutting edge of creating a new earth. Her guests are filled with integrity and all have a common purpose to serve humanity and raise the vibration of the planet.

She has brought them together to share their wisdom and truth with us all. These events are about reaching within and finding and expressing that love that we are.

We all need time away to reconnect, recharge and create some space for ourselves. Life is for living, it is for celebrating and it is all for LOVE.

We will be having a shared Lunch so please bring food to share with everyone. Come and celebrate Love and Life with us on these magical days. 

The benefits you will experience both on the day and beyond are:

• Transforming your life. This is a process and it can take place in many different ways, but it generally involves you taking responsibilty for the way you live your life and living in a more conscious way.

• Connecting you to amazing people. Better relationships and improved health & well-being.

• Expanding your consciousness and a gradual reduction in the amount of mind chatter you experience.

• Knowing your purpose, really getting to grips with your skills, gifts, talents and abilities and using them to move you forward in your life.

• You will feel Empowered. You will leave with tools you need to help you through the next stage of your development.

• Understanding your limitlessness. An opportunity to experience your limitless nature and know your infinite being, to know your Self and help you take an active part in creating this new beautful world.

• You will begin to live in more freedom, through your heart, wth compassion and a deeper love for your Self and those around you.

” Every Time I come to one of your Utopia events I feel filled up with energy and Love “ – Trish B


Book on One of Dhyan’s Sacred Women’s Playshops:
Day 1 Sacred Sisters Playshop 
 Day 2 Awakening Wild Women Playshop

Thank you Dhyan for such a great day, filled with inspiration, learning, love and laughter. You are an incredible teacher, continue to share your great work.”
– EW

Book a VIP Day 

In these VIP Days I combine my 40 years of life experience, knowledge, study, practice and one to one work with clients individually on a very deep level to help them realise their inner potential, understand themselves better and to learn to heal themselves. I create a space for you to come into balance physically, mentally and emotionally in a nourishing and nurturing peaceful environment.

We all represent the future of humanity; each one of us has our unique and individual part to play, in this vast and beautiful universe. We are all facing many challenges and crises in the world right now and there has never been a better time for a consciousness shift.

This shift is happening now – a wave of LOVE and change, a wave of Grace is finding it’s way into the hearts and minds of those that are open to it. This Grace is creating the most beautiful world we have ever had. 

The evolution of humanity is to realise our inner divinity and embody that at a cellular level, only then can the world begin to heal.
All attempts to fix anything outside ourselves whilst viewing ourselves as the small self and separate will be futile.
Now is the time to discover the truth of who we are, on a global scale. It’s time to wake up.
The survival of Humanity requires you to wake up, this is the birth of a new earth. Give your attention to the awareness of your being. Moment to moment.
Do not allow yourself to be manipulated by outside conditions or societies norms. ” It is no mark of sanity to be sane in an insane world.” Realise your true freedom, look for what doesn’t come or go and give your attention, your awareness to this.
Your awakening is the greatest gift to humanity, your awakening lights the flame in the hearts of those around you. Seek the kingdom of God within and then only then can the world be transformed. Then the world becomes a holy place, a heaven.
Make this your priority. You are a cell in the heavenly body of humanity and as you realise your enlightened state the “others” will begin to realise theirs. We are divine mirrors for each other.
Infinite Love Dhyan. 

To be completely present in the moment is to live in total awareness, and in totality. To be at peace with whatever is happening now, is to be free from the suffering of the mind. 

Our well-being is the most crucial aspect to the survival of the planet and the future of the human race. We have reached a time of imminent shift and now we need to unfold the magnificence of who we are, by empowering each other to make a difference. 

We are all connected, our bodies are made from the stardust of the universe, we live and breathe together, the trees are our lungs and we are constantly exchanging the molecules of our bodies with each other. We are not separate from each other and any seeming separation is an illusion of the mind.

We need to work together and understand our oneness, our unity, our infinite nature. Through my passion to help others and working with amazing people I have created a group which brings like minded individuals together to inspire each other, work together, encourage each other and empower each other.

It is a beautiful Global Network of Light. Infinite Love Dhyan 

P.S. You are Amazing!