Meditation, Wisdom and Bliss Events:
Tuesday 4th December 2018
Tuesday 8th January 2019
Tuesday 5th February 2019
11am start
11.00am – 1.30pm Gathering and Meditation
Shared Lunch 1.30 – 2.30pm
Dhyan Ji’s Ashram
12 spaces available by Donation, the suggested donation is £25
– Who am I ?
– Why am I here ?
– What is my Dharma ? Purpose?
– What is Meditation ?
– What is my life for ?
There are many teachers available on this spiritual journey of discovery and you may of come across some of them already. What I offer is purely from my own experience and inner knowledge and wisdom. I have much to share with you.
These events are held at my beautiful Ashram and Home in Kidsgrove, Stoke-on-Trent. There is a limit to the numbers we can accomodate, so there are 12 places available, more in the summer.
For the shared lunch please bring veggie|vegan food to share with everyone.
11.00 – Arrive, Teas and Hugs
11.00am – Gathering – Meditation – Darshan – Satsang
1.30pm – Shared Veggie|Vegan Lunch
2.30pm – Clear up and Closing
Dhyan: 07807044908 via text or pm me.
The post code is ST7 1DE, please message me if you need directions. The nearest Train station is Kidsgrove.
Cosy comfortable clothing that you can layer
A bottle of water
A blanket for the garden – especially in the spring/summer months, throw or wrap
A cushion if you have one
Slippers and/or thick socks (indoor wear)
A notebook and pen for any insights you receive from the session
Boundless Love,
Dhyan Ji
Dhyan Ji is a Self-realisded Master, Mystic, Visionary, Pioneer and Teacher.

You may be reading this because you are asking these questions? Or you feel a deep calling within you. There is an inner knowing that this is for you!

Here are some of the things attendees have said about Dhyan’s groups…

“Every Time I come to one of your events I feel filled up with energy and Love” TB 

“Thank you for your meditations and love you really make a difference to peoples lives” – JU. Brilliant, Inspirational, Uplifting, Exciting, Informative, Thought provoking, I am now eager to make changes in my life, Amazing, Blissful, Joyful, Happy, Relaxed, Energised, Wonderful! 

” Before Darshan with Dhyan I felt like I was doing this path alone, walking along this journey of mine with only my mind as my partner. Meeting a being in ‘person’ who expressed all that I had been longing to hear penetrated deep into the heart. The presence and compassion that radiates from Dhyan has introduced a fresh momentum to opening up my own emptiness and beginning the reintroduction to the self that I had imagined I was apart from. Meeting up with those who share this thirst for truth has greatly helped in balancing the mind and opening the heart. I can not recommend Darshan enough to those who long for the freedom that cannot be shaken. I love and give my blessings to Dhyan and all of those who share this knowing. Thank you! ” – Sam F

People that join the Awakening Love Community are looking for answers, often to the following questions:

Who am I ?
Why am I here?
What is my purpose?
How can I move forward?

Everyone at Utopia finds that they discover parts of themselves they never knew before, hidden depths to their being. They discover lasting peace of mind, a deep love in their hearts and a new found freedom to be themselves. These things occur spontaneously through being present.  Dhyan Ji uses her skills at her events to bring you into a nourishing place of profound relaxation and inner peace.

Utopia Awakening Love Retreat’s dates for 2019 coming soon…. 

This one day retreat will include periods of Meditation, Silence, Satsang and Darshan. We will also have some community discussion as we explore ways to stand in our magnificence and vision a more beautful world. Books can be taken here or in the shop.

Utopia events will be every second Tuesday of the Month. There will be other events too such as The Meditate for Peace Event. 

The Utopia day retreat starts with tea in a beautiful welcoming cosy space, where Dhyan will hold sacred space for you to connect to your true nature, through deep meditation. From this point we will go on a journey of inquiry, inspiration, encouragement, discovery and discussion.

You will be able to unlock hidden courage, truth and the love that you are. We will create a loving, peaceful and joyful space to provide you with a unique experience. These groups are for men and women.

A nourishing, healthy lunch will also be provided, as we all bring nourishing food to share. This is a beautiful and important part of our community gatherings.

Everyone, including the speakers that have attended my Utopia retreat days have noticed many benefits, including some deep transformation in their lives. They have witnessed their lives open up and expand in new and exciting ways and whilst I know it is not me doing anything, it is the community space that we create together that is facilitating and supporting these changes for people.

The benefits you will experience both on the day and beyond are:

• Transforming your life. This is a process and it can take place in many different ways, but it generally involves you taking responsibilty for the way you live your life and living in a more conscious and loving way.

• Connecting you to amazing people. Better relationships and improved health & well-being.

• Expanding your consciousness. A gradual reduction in the amount of mind chatter you experience.

• Knowing your purpose, really getting to grips with your skills, gifts, talents and abilities and using them to move you forward in life.

• You will feel Empowered. You will leave with tools you need to help you through the next stage of your development.

• Understanding your limitlessness. An opportunity to experience your limitless nature and know your infinite being, to know your Self and help you take an active part in creating this new beautiful world.

• You will begin to live in more freedom, through your heart, with compassion and a deeper love for your Self and those around you.

” Be the Light, lift your hearts and chant, we have got to come together, serve your neighbours, serve your friends, serve each other till the end. Live for one another.”

Contact Dhyan Ji on: 07807 044 908
email : and
watch here:

“ Listen,
When the music stops…
The universe plays
It’s own Silent song….
You are that “
Love Dhyan

” Words mean no-thing the heart knows everything, Love is beyond all words and all circumstances, Love in essence is uncondtional and eternal. Allow your Self to love without condtiions, without a need for reciprocation. Love for Love’s sake. Love in pure devotion at the beauty of it all. Feel your hearts flowering, be here with it. Get curious about it, as the tears flood out, watch as God floods in. Be in complete and utter unfolding devotion to the One. Be with the breath, watch what happens, allow yourself to feel every tear as grace call you home.”Dhyan Ji


Dhyan Ji is a Spiritual Teacher, Visionary, Speaker, Healer and Catalyst for Awakening Love in Humanity.

” Thank you very much Dhyan for your sponatneous answer to my call! Right to the core you reached with your clear loving words of truth and swept away the “rubbish”, the illusory nature of my obssessive thinking, like a strong swift wind. You helped me reconnect to my deep truth of Being here and now (only). What a magical and graceful and completely unexpected encounter – what a gift from life! You are truely in tune and synchronized with the universal dance we are in and shared it with me so generously. I am very touched and grateful for that. ” – Joy Fischer


Over 6 Years ❤️
Empowering you to make conscious decisions
Connecting you to amazing people
Transforming your lives
Inspiring you with fresh ideas
Encouraging you to take new action
Triggering your own deep healing process
Expanding your consciousness
Helping you take an active part in creating this new world
Helping you to heal yourself and those around you


Arillas Retreat – Corfu – Dates for 2019 coming soon…..


This beautiful three day retreat takes place in the breathtaking magical town of Arillas on the North West coast of Corfu. We will spend 3 days together filled with Love, Peace, Meditation, Yoga, Amazing Vegetarian Food and Soul to Soul Sharing. We have space for 20 participants only. Let Arillas work its magic! Infinite Love Dhyan. 



 Introducing Your Group Leaders: Ann Campbell

Author and Teacher Introducing “Awakening Your Inner Nature”

Prayer has been an important part of my life since childhood. In my mid-teens a transformative meeting with Jesus (in a dream) consolidated my Faith and indicated my Destiny. After Grammar school and Teacher Training College I started my first teaching post, got married, and began training in yoga and meditation. At age 29, after giving birth to my three daughters, I had a radical experience that completely transformed me and my life – the Kundalini. A long period of recovery and integration followed. Four years later, in the summer of ’82, I went to Osho’s Commune – the Ranch in Oregon – and took Sannyas. A Sannyasin is one who wishes to “ live life in its totality but with an absolute condition, that condition is awareness, meditation.”

Mums photo for Buddha Hall

“ The sannyas movement simply means the movement of the seekers of Truth. They have always been here.” Osho.

In April, 1983, we went to live on the Ranch in Oregon as a family. It was the beginning of another period of dramatic change. In ’87 I  moved to live in France and then Spain with my three daughters and partner. On our return in 1990, training in Healing and Teaching followed with courses in NLP, Reiki and the NFSH. I have taught a meditation group at my home for over twenty years. I have always had a keen interest in reading, particularly spiritual books as well as fiction. In recent years the idea of writing a spiritual adventure story for children and adults came to me, so I have written it and it is now available on Amazon. Its called the Ascension Prophecy – The Time is NOW!

Find out more here:

Introducing Dhyan Ji the Founder of The Awakening Love Community. 

Awakening Love, Events Organiser and Teacher. Introducing “Awakening Your Inner Nature” 2018 to Arillas, Corfu.


We all represent the future of humanity; each one of us has our individual part to play, in this vast and beautiful universe. In each and every moment we have the ability to make a difference in this world by the choices we make, the life we choose to live and how we choose to be.

Now is the most important moment of your life, as it is in this moment you create the rest of your experience. To be completely present in the moment is to live in total awareness, in totality, to be at peace with whatever is happening now and to be free from the suffering of the mind.

Our well-being is the most crucial aspect to the survival of the planet and the future of the human race. We have reached a time of imminent shift and it is now we need to unfold the magnificence of who we are, by empowering each other to make a difference.

We are all connected; our bodies are made from the stardust of the universe, we live and breathe together, the trees are our lungs and we are constantly exchanging the molecules of our bodies with each
other. We are not separate from each other and any seeming separation is an illusion of the mind. We need to work together and understand our oneness, our unity, our infinite nature.

I have been meditating for over 30 years; I discovered meditation as a very young child, living on a commune in Oregon in America with a master now simply known as Osho. I am a Reiki Master and I have been practising Reiki for over 19 years. In 2012 I completed a Clinical Foundation Degree in Complementary Therapies and started a clinical practice.

I have since combined all my experience and knowledge and have been working with clients individually on a very deep level to help them realise their potential, understand themselves better and to learn to heal themselves.

Find out more about Amelia here: