Dhyan Ji’s calling is to bring lasting inner Peace.

” As long as space and sentient beings remain, until then may I remain to dispel the miseries of the world. ” 

It is through Meditation, that you can slow the chatter of the mind and abide with lasting peace. Dhyan facilitates Events, Groups, Retreats, Satsangs and Darshan to help you discover your true nature. Through Darshan, divine seeing, Dhyan holds presence for you to experience your true nature. All Dhyan’s groups are a joyful and empowering celebration of truth and love.  

Dhyan Ji is a self – realised Master.  Dhyan’s life is Bhakti, she is devoted to the awakening of human consciousness and the empowerment and encouragement of others. Dhyan is here on this earth to serve truth and assist in the awakening of the planet. She is a catalyst for change.  

She discovered meditation as a young child, living on Rajneeshpuram in Oregon, America with the awakened master Osho.

” Dhyan when I meditate, I feel your presence. I feel you in my meditation room, as if you are there. You are always around. It is very special, a very strong level of connection. I can smell that fragrance, feel it, it’s peace. Then you even talk, whisper and leave. Its very strange, but beautiful. I wanted to tell you today. ” – AR 

 ” Thank you so very much Dhyan for your spontaneous answer to my call! Right to the core you reached with your clear loving words of truth and swept away all the “rubbish”, the illusory nature of my obsessive thinking, like a strong swift wind. You helped me reconnect to my deep truth of BEING here and now (only). What a magical and graceful and completely unexpected encounter, what a gift from LIFE! You are truly in tune and synchronised with the universal dance we are in and shared it with me generously. I am very touched and grateful for that “. – Joy F 

” 12 months ago I connected with Dhyan on facebook. I watched her teachings and could really resonate with them, I felt I needed to go and see her, but it seemed too far way so I thought, until one day something really pulled me to her and I knew I had to go and see her in person. So I travelled down on the train with my friend and realised it was not that far at all to travel.
I attended Darshan and what a life changing experience it was, I have been on the spiritual path all my life, but had come to a point where I felt stuck well the mind felt stuck. After the first Darshan with Dhyan I felt a lot of love, Peace and happiness. I started to see my life shifting and I continued to attend Darshan when I could.
Since attending Darshan and being in the presence of Dhyan my life has transformed and is still transforming in front of my eyes. Most of my attachments in the world have dissolved, there is a feeling of Divine peace and eternal Love in me that embraces me all the time and looks after me, there is a full trust now in life knowing that life is abundant and beautiful. I am attracting amazing people into my life and I seem to have a greater knowing and wisdom. I live in the moment and every moment feels like a blessing. I walk around now filled with love and compassion that wants to reach out to everyone. I am so blessed to have met Dhyan and to be able to attend and receive Darshan from her. ” – Mathew S

Be part of a beautiful growing transformational community of amazing people, committed to living and being their highest truth and potential. 

Dhyan shares her natural state of Presence though her Darshan, Meditation, Retreats, Events, Groups and Satsangs. 

In 2012 Dhyan Ji experienced a sudden awakening into a state of Bliss. It was this Bliss that inspired her to share with others and create Utopia. This Bliss lead to a dropping of all concerns and worries about life.


At the end of her degree Dhyan Ji was guided through her meditation to set up a Spiritual group and in August 2012 BE_YIN was born. Through her meetings Dhyan shares her love of meditation and her presence. Over the last almost 5 years she has connected many hundreds of people together through a global network of light. Her groups are life changing for those that attend them. 

On May the 27th 2013 Dhyan experienced a second sudden awakening and a total shift in her perception, that lead to an understanding of the non-duality of life and the illusion behind the suffering of the mind. The realisation that I am no thing and every thing was embodied. Dhyan experienced this as a complete rebirth. The slate on which her self identity had been built was wiped clean and made way for a new beginning. Dhyan was awakened in the dream. She became One with everything. This became her a stabilised state of being and she would begin to see her Self as the Self in everyone and everything. 

In February 2017 Dhyan experienced a third deepening into her awakening process. This came after a few days of deep primal pain, her curiosity about this pain and her willingness to simply be with it. On the 4th day the pain had gone and the falling away of her ego happened. She experienced her bodiless Self. She noticed she was functioning on a very basic level, there was an intelligence, but no doer. A space of utter peace, contentment. Nowhere to go and nothing to do. She was unable to read, because the part of her mind that was filled with constructs had been broken down. She knew that she was the Self and that this Self exsists before the body and before the mind. Her sense of identity became so thin it was like a piece of silk blowing in the desert of nothingness.

 ” Grace is our natural state of being, it is not just reserved for someone living in a cave in India, it is open to each and everyone of us in every moment. It is our birth right. Life is a process of awakening, Awakening Love.” Dhyan Ji

” I’d heard great things about Dhyan and went to receive some healing and to learn more about it. I found Dhyan to be a lovely, welcoming person who I immediately felt comfortable with. She is absolutely guided in the healing she shares with people and it was nothing short of wonderful to spend time with her. She was able to tune into my energies perfectly and I received guidance, amazing awareness and messages from her that have been very important in my life. I would highly recommend Dhyan to anyone seeking to open spiritually ” – FH 

How did you come into being?

The whole universe conspired to bring you here, now to this place, to this moment. You came into this world through an act of Love. Life in it’s myriad of experiences is creating it’s Self through you. You are life. You are a creator, everything and everyone that comes into your life does so with a unique purpose, to show you and to point you in the direction of Love. There are no coincidences only divine synchronicities.

Each and every step you take has a purpose, no-thing you do is wasted and everything you do is complete in itself. Your life is never left undone, so you can be certain that while you are here you have a role to play and a beautiful purpose to live and no matter how small your life may seem, your purpose for being here is for the whole of humanity. Wow, what an opportunity! We think our intelligence comes from our mind, but we are mistaken, the most universally intelligent part of you is your heart. Learning to listen to your heart is a transformational exercise. It will change your life. Society teaches us the opposite, it teaches us to think with our minds and not to follow our hearts – however we are creating our society and these changes start with each one of us. Your heart tells you everything you need to know about yourself, your world and those around you. It’s energy field is so vast that it can connect with other hearts over ten feet away and the most open hearts can connect with the whole of the planet and beyond this universe. When we look at the possibilities this represents then we can see some of the ways in which we are connected. We can start to truly understand our connection to all that is on a much deeper level. Whenever you are in the presence of others you are connecting to them with your heart. You are sending out and vibrating messages to everyone around you in every moment. What message would you like to send out? What message would you like to vibrate into the cosmos? Love and Infinite Blessings Beloved!